onsdag den 1. september 2010


 It began with a drawing of something impossible...

A pearl hanging freely in the air, crowned with rays of joy. The sketch stayed untouched for several years, because I did not know how to make something like this in metal. But one day it happened

In Copper and Dark Silver this pair brings you to 
an old castle with towers solemn and a bit funny.
 Then more colours came
Garnet red is somehow very pleasant. 
It can be at the same time strong and tranquil.

The shape of these earrings is still way too toylike, allthough silver and gold invite us into the castle to dance with other beautifully dressed guests. 
*      *      *
The next shape is more like the initial idea

Earrings in brushed silver with garnets (I have done other coloured stones by order, but garnet has won my heart here) and warm freshwater pearls

In brushed gold they are as joyfull as I would have ever dreamed of

Golden crown earrings with garnets and freshwater pearls

And a pendant. Sizes S and L

Golden Crown pendant. 24Ct aureated sterling silver and freshwater pearl.

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  1. Fantastic Ossip! Very nice to be able to follow the idea all the way to the piece of art :-) Respeect fom here!